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Meet The 2018 Officers & Directors

Ron Perras – President, Charter Member 2012, Army

John J. Butler, Sr. – Vice President, Founding Member 2012, Army

Steve Poole – Secretary, Member February 2014, Air Force

Ken Nelson – Treasurer since inception, Charter Member, Army

Dave Fairbanks – Director of Automotive Events and Director of Membership, Member October 2013, Air Force

Joe Monarca – Director of Social Events, Member August 2014, Army

Peter Torrano – Assistant Director of Social Events, Member March 2016, Army


Officers & Directors

President – Ron Perras

Vice President – John J. Butler, Sr.

Secretary – Steve Poole

Treasurer – Ken Nelson

Director of Automotive Events, Director of Membership – Dave Fairbanks

Director of Social Events – Joe Monarca

Assistant Director of Social Events – Peter Torrano

Committee Chairmen & Teams

Finance & By Laws – Ken Nelson

Charity – Rich Toman, Billy Boguski

Nominating – Three members of the Board – Chair – Paul Vasques

Sponsorship – John Butler & Gerry Wright

Car Shows – Gerry Wright (Berlin), Roland Morrissette (Nomads)

Cruise Nights – Eric Newton

Newsletter – Steve Poole

Publicity – Rich Miller, Deb Perras, Paul Vasques

Sunshine – Ron Perras

Clothing & Accessories – Paul Vasques, John Butler

Webmaster – Tom Pedrotty

Facebook – Ron Perras

Photography – John Wodopian, Deb Perras, Tom Pedrotty

Awards – Steve Poole