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Member Awards


- Photos Below

Member Appreciation Awards - 2023

Congratulations to Roland Morrisette, Craig Knutson, and Paul Vasques on their well deserved 2023 Member Appreciation Awards for their exceptional service tothe Club during the past year and prior years. 


Carlisle Celebrity Choice Award - 2018

John Butler, Jr received the Celebrity Choice Award at the Carlisle Corvette Fest.  We are sure that the unique color of John's car, Carlisle Blue, was a factor in his selection. Congratulations. 


2014 National Corvette Museum Caravan Awards – August 2014

Rich Miller received an award for his work as a group leader. John Wodopian and Paul Vasques received awards chosen by the leaders of all 18 groups from New England. The numbered bricks are part of the award and are from the original Flint Michigan Plant where the first 300 Corvettes were built in 1953. A real nice piece of history.

KEN NELSON – Bloomington Gold Corvette Certification Show – June 2014

I brought my 1990 ZR1 Corvette to the Bloomington Gold Corvette Certification Show on June 26 through June 29, 2014 at the University of Illinois. The show consists of three judging classes, Bloomington Gold Certification, Survivor Certification and Benchmark Certification. Gold Certification is open to any year Corvette, including 2014 Corvettes. To move on to Survivor Certification, the car must first obtain a Gold Certification, be at least twenty years old and “substantially unrestored”. The final and highest award is the Bloomington Benchmark Award. To enter the Benchmark class the car must obtain a Gold Certification in the previous two classes and again be at least twenty years old and unrestored. My Corvette was one of only nine cars to make it all the way through the Benchmark class. The car received a 99.75% rating, and was dinged the .25% because Dave McClellan signed the plenum – “Not Factory”. This event will always stand out as one of the highlights of my “Corvette Career”.

JAMES RODRIGUES – Top Flight Award – April 2014

On 4/27/14 my 1996 Grand Sport #445 was judged by NCRS North East Chapter in Wallingford, CT . My Grand Sport scored 99.7% to be awarded a Top Flight Award . Three cars were judged, two C3 & my Grand Sport . These NCRS judges were good and fair they checked everything . A lot of work went to the car to get it into showroom condition and it paid off . And maybe in two years will go for the Bow Tie Award.